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Lesotho Funeral Services, a (Pty), established in 1969, to cater for burials in Lesotho.

L.F.S is the first funeral undertaking business in Lesotho. It started as a burial wing of Homes Trust Life, a Metropolitan Company Subsidiary. It was taken over the Sello family in 1985 by Mr. L.J.Sello.

Lesotho Funeral Services has decentralized into three regions taking advantage of the presence of the three directors, the Sello brothers being the Northern, Central and Southern regions of the Lesotho with head offices in Leribe, Maseru and Mohale’s hoek.

Lesotho Funeral Services has maintained a high quality of the services to its customers. We have been consistent throughout the years, hence our motto “In pursuit of perfection”

L.F.S will always lay our loved ones to rest, in the at most dignity that they deserve and in the deepest sympathy to the bereaved.

Funeral Services

American Style Funeral Scheme   Societies Funeral Scheme   Security Workers Funeral Scheme
This is a funeral arrangement whereby one chooses his/her own casket/coffin, transport and Funeral services.   Why not choose the group that you like to join? Lesotho Funeral Services had long introduced  Funeral Schemes for communities to join as a group.   This is a funeral cover designed for security company workers and their families, with highly subsidized monthly premiums.
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Factory Workers Funeral Scheme   Police Officers Scheme   Preneed Multi-Link Funeral Scheme
This is a funeral scheme designed for factory workers and their families, with highly subsidised premiums.   Police Funeral Cover is designed to  cover Police Officers and their families.  You just can’t go wrong with this policy.   This is a prearranged funeral cover with six (6) types of funeral plans for one person or the entire family.
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